Vintage Chancho I Need To Borrow Some Sweats Shirt

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I cant beleive someone that openly stupid would get reelected aoc will not become a Vintage Chancho I Need To Borrow Some Sweats Shirt senator no one should take your numbers as set in stone look at hillary in everyone should get out and vote for our president the poll numbers that show you still cant even get half of the us satisfied with your performance the only president who cant do that is that something to be proud of leave medicare alonei know what your plan is only cut medicare after this next election leave it alone or we will turn on youstop spending so much money overseas and leave our medicare alonei pray that nancy loses the house cant even believe thered still be anyone left that would vote for a democrat if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it people will eventually come to believe it joseph goebbels but dont cut medicare in the budget as it was reported you were doing we need pelosi out and. I am with out words in communicating the disbelief and disappointment I witnessed from the left as our presidentyour accomplishments for the people exceed all expectations your speech was uplifting and needed to be heard thank you for your hard work and. You took the bait like a drunk even the media at some point has to accept the truth president trump your supporters are usually at work when they are taking their pollsanyway we are here in numbers greater than their polls

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