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I lived there for two yearsand it was a Logo Blue Green Fedex Ground Shirt beautiful place but not no more interesting the president who has kept his word and is willing to tell it like it is and some people cant figure it out for themselves unless hollywood media or the left hated side yells yous. The presidents terms most in government have lost touch with the people and going on like twothree decades ago our young people need to be in office and see more strong leadership strong economy fix those roads and bridges and build community centers in poverty stricken areas do something that will have a lasting positive legacy you got trios that need to go that would be a huge bucket of toxic water thrown from the swamp I dont even need to say the names trump pence go trump gothe haterswill always hate but your supporters will always love what you are doing for the usa get out and vote lets keep this great president working for all of us. But I do know the majority of the people I know from my town and state are in full support and are sothankfulsee more

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