Heavy On The Self Love Shirt

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Trumpno one can beat you on the Heavy On The Self Love Shirt ballot currently even if dems fields their best candidate ever you will take victory so early in the morning they tried to remove you from office by that impeachment hoax but it flipped off no option left. So you plan on resigning best news ive heard in years diana delaurentis milleri think donald trump is the best president america has ever made god bless america god bless america and god bless and keep you mr president were behind you all the way. So they use that weak rino welcome to my state we wont be attending but all five in this house will be voting for you forget the polls lol look at the numbers the president has at his rallies then look at the dems enoughsaid those are the polls I go by remember the media lie dnc has outsourced its trolls to the rd world lol guess hr doesnt buy the shade it once did new hampshire loves trump really wish we was attending still have our support tho dear hollywood

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